Anxiety & Depression

"It has made my life move forward out of my comfort zone, and has placed me into a journey I had longed to do for so long."

Anxiety & Depression Counselling Services

Pasifika Anxiety and Depression Counselling Services

In life’s journey we all face difficult times and challenges. It’s normal to feel down in response to those challenges; however, if you find that you are feeling blue for prolonged periods of time, then you may be suffering from depression.

Feelings of depression are often accompanied by anxiety. You may also be feeling stressed, nervous and on edge.

If you’re struggling with any of these issues, then Langima’a Oceania Counselling Servicescan help support you. Our fully trained counsellors have been on similar journeys and have come out the other side. We offer a safe place to talk, a listening ear and a helping hand. We will support you to find a better place and inner peace.


14 Hope place, Otara