Marriage Counselling


"We are indebted to the pre-marital and post-marital sessions for the insights on what to expect from married life."

Pre-Marital Counselling

Langima’a Oceania Counselling Services provides couples’ counselling for those who are preparing to marry. Over 4-5 sessions, our pre-marital counselling service will help you to:

  • deepen your love and understanding for each other
  • develop great communication and common goals
  • create a happy and healthy marriage from the outset

Our couples’ counselling service doesn’t just stop at the wedding. We also follow-up with all our couples 3-4 months after the wedding to provide any support needed in the early days of adjusting to a new life together.

Counselling for Couples


Langima’a Oceania offers couples sessions for young adults in relationships who need guidance and wise advice on how to move forward or go about making changes and improvements in their relationship.

Crisis Counselling

Pasifika Marriage Counselling

From time to time life’s challenges can put a strain on our most important relationship. Whether you are married or are in a partnership, we can help you work through any issues and problems that may be affecting your relationship.

Our fully trained, non-judgemental counsellors provide a neutral space and help couples share, discuss and identify solutions together.


14 Hope place, Otara